Advantages & Disadvantages to Air Conditioning

Written by:

Mohammad Bakshayesh

Senior Engineer, Barnet Climate Control

As the UK summer heats up and continues to get worse, air conditioning will be getting used
at full blast to keep people cool. Not only do they prevent heat related illnesses and deaths,
they also come as a welcome relief from sweltering weather. However, health problems can
also be caused if air conditioning systems are not cleaned and serviced properly.

Let’s start with the disadvantages of air conditioning first

Energy Consumption

Several different factors determine the cost of running air conditioning system such as the
size of the room and the output of the air con system. On average, the air conditioning
systems we install for a standard size bedroom will cost around £0.70p per hour. To counter
this, air conditioning systems are equipped with automatic timers, so they can switch on/off
depending on the room temperature.

Health Issues

The old saying “too much of something can be bad as well” is truer than ever with air
conditioning. Health issues such as dry skin and irritation to eyes can be caused by
prolonged exposure to air-conditioned environments.


During economic downturn, the initial cost to install air conditioning could throw some
people off. On average, for a standard size bedroom, you would be looking at around £1,600

£1,800 to install air conditioning (supply & fit). If you want multiple units installed in the
property, you will need an electrician as well to provide power, which on average could cost
another £500 – £600.

Financing is available for all installations to help offset the upfront cost for air conditioning.

Let’s finish off with the advantages of air conditioning


Air conditioning plays a vital role in our everyday lives around the world in preventing heat-
related illnesses and conditions such as heatstroke or dehydration. Last year in the UK, we
had over 2,500 deaths due to heat, whilst the year before the figure was 4,500. The rise of
global warming, it Is becoming more and more crucial to ensure we are in cool
environments. Less than 3% of homes have air conditioning installed which is a worrying

Better Sleep

Did you struggle with sleep during the peak summer months last year? I’m sure you did,
which is why air conditioning is essential during the hotter months. Better sleep quality
results in better energy during the way which in turns means more efficiency and results at


Employees will produce better results when they are in a comfortable work environment,
which will impact your bottom line. Research via Harvard and Syracuse Universities found
that improving air quality at work will improve productivity.

Indoor Air Quality

Air conditioning systems can remove dust, allergens and pollutants from the air as they are
equipped with filters. This will reduce the chances of any respiratory issues and improve
indoor air quality. Please note, filters should be cleaned at least 1x per month.
Reduces Insects & Parasites

Creatures and bacteria thrive off damp environments which will be caused without a lack of
air conditioning. Air con will reduce humidity which prevents bed bugs and other insects.

Conclusion – Should you purchase air conditioning?

To conclude, air conditioning has its pros and cons just like everything in life. You will need
to decide whether the pros outweigh the cons and if’s suitable for your needs. Air
conditioning provides better quality of life which is priceless.

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