Does Air Conditioning use a lot of electricity?

Written by:

Mohammad Bakshayesh

Senior Engineer, Barnet Climate Control

Summer is looming around the corner, and you’re getting throwbacks from last summer and
the mini heatwaves that had us all scrambling for cool air. Now you want air conditioning
installed but you’re worried about how much electricity your air conditioning unt will use.
In this article, our expert guide is here to answer all your questions on how much it will cost
to run and how you can reduce the usage if you have air conditioning.

How Much Electricity Does an Air Conditioner Use?

Air conditioning used to be a luxury however due to advancements in technology, they have
dramatically decreased the running and installation cost for air conditioning.
Firstly, let’s understand how air conditioning uses electricity. A refrigerant cycle is used to
deliver cooling and the waste heat is rejected to the outside.

Source: Mosartic HVAC

There are several different factors that will determine how much electricity air conditioning
units will use. The main factors are output (kw) and size of the room.
On average, the air conditioning systems we install for a standard size bedroom will cost
around £0.21p per hour. This would be for around 2kw output, which would be perfect for
To counter this, air conditioning systems are equipped with automatic timers, so they can
switch on/off depending on the room temperature.

How can I reduce the usage cost?

There are multiple ways to make sure your unit is running as efficiently as possible. Here are
some of those:

  1. Cleaning the filters monthly
  2. Installing the correct size unit
  3. Servicing the unit on a yearly basis with engineer
  4. Running A/C system on a timer
  5. Changing energy supplier

Can I monitor the running costs of my air conditioning system?

If you opt for a premium range unit, you can connect your unit to your Wi-Fi network and
thermostat, set temperature schedules and monitor the energy consumption.


Air conditioning systems have become cheaper to run over time and will continue to be that
way for years to come. A/C systems only become expensive to run if your home is poorly
insulated, energy tariff is too high or you’ve got the wrong sized system.

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