A Guide to Different Ice Types for Drinks with the Hoshizaki Ice Machine

Written by:

Mohammad Bakshayesh

Senior Engineer, Barnet Climate Control

When it comes to refreshing beverages, the importance of ice cannot be overlooked. Ice not only chills our drinks but also adds a touch of elegance and finesse to the overall presentation. But did you know that not all ice is created equal? From the classic cubes to the artisanal spheres, different ice types can dramatically impact your drinking experience. In this blog, we’ll the ice types available with Hoshizaki Ice Machines and their perfect pairings with different beverages.

1. Standard Ice Cubed

Hoshizaki ice machines are able to provide several different standard cubed ice to cater for all your needs. Ice cubes are the most common ice type found in households and bars. They’re ideal for almost everyday drinks like water, soda, cocktails and spirits. Ice cubes are excellent at providing cooling within watering down the drink too quickly. Below are some of the size Hoshizaki ice machines can produce.

2. Crushed Ice (Flake/Nugget)

Crushed ice consists of small, soft, chewable pellets. It is a favourite among many for its enjoyable texture and versatility. Crushed ice is perfect for carbonated beverages, smoothies, and fish shops.

Flake ice has a quick cooling effect, creating an environment of uniform temperatures, without causing unpleasant freezer burn. This is why Hoshizaki Flake ice is highly popular and considered ideal to prepare and layer hygienic and attractive food displays. For flake ice, the extruding head is equipped with wide channels and multi-blade cutters.

Hoshizaki FM ice makers generate quality granular ice, such as nugget ice. In cocktails, the dry and hard ice nuggets are the ideal cooling agent, as they deliver just the right amount of dilution, especially for strong-spirited drinks, for example, Mojitos and Tiki Cocktails. The ice maker’s extruding head performs a high compression to yield harder and drier ice nuggets.

Remember that the right ice type from your Hoshizaki Ice Machine can be the secret ingredient that takes your drinks from ordinary to extraordinary.

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