Is it worth getting air conditioning in the UK?

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Mohammad Bakshayesh

Senior Engineer, Barnet Climate Control

Did you struggle with your sleep last summer when the temperatures were hitting 30+
degrees? Was it a struggle to stay awake at work due to the lack of sleep? Did you feel
groggy and dehydrated? You’re not the only one to have experienced this.
In the UK, our homes are built with fantastic insulation to keep us warm in the winter,
however when summer comes around, it feels like the worst thing ever. It’s only bound to
get worse as the years go by as well due to the increase in global warming and our demand
on fossil fuels grow. The main solution to combat this problem is air conditioning.

Source: Met Office

As you can see from the data provided from Met Office, our mean temperature (average)
during the hotter months (June-Sept) is around 20+ degrees. Last year, the weather peaked
at 33.5* on the 10 th September which is the 2 nd highest recorded temperature ever in the
UK, the first being 40 degrees in 2022.

  • In 2022, 4,500 died due to hot temperatures, highest ever recorded
  • 2024 expected to be the hottest year on record, exceeding 2023
  • Less than 3% of home in the UK have air conditioning
  • 10 of the UK’s warmest years on record have all happened since 2002

It is obvious from the data that in the UK, we’re not prepared at all for the summer
heatwave. This is expected are we’re predominantly a cold country, however due to the
increase in temperature year over year, now may be the best time to get some air
conditioning installed.

Is my home suitable for air conditioning?

Most homes in the UK are suitable for air conditioning installations. Some projects such as
terraced homes, apartments, listing/graded buildings are more difficult however there is
always a solution to every problem.

Terraced Homes – Since the neighbouring properties are attached to each side of the home,
the only location where the external unit can be mounted is at the front or the back of the
property. As well as this, running copper pipes across the side of the building would be
impossible, so the only rooms that are feasible to get air conditioning installed would be
rooms at the front or back of the house with easy external access.

However, if you’re going through a full refurb on the property, this won’t be an issue
anymore as we are able to run the pipes behind the plasterboards during the 1 st fix stage.
During the 2 nd fix is where we would hang the units and connect all the pipework.

Apartments/Listing/Graded Buildings – These buildings have a lot of restrictions &
paperwork required before they give you the green light to proceed with the installation.
However, we have in house specialist that will be able to help you throughout this process.
Our client Bolivar was going through the same situation with his new apartment he
purchased in Nine Elms. We were able to help him throughout the process and give him all
the information he required.

How much does air conditioning cost?

A split air conditioning system (1 indoor unit/outdoor unit) costs roughly £1,600 – £1,800 for
a standard bedroom, which includes installation and all materials required. The cheapest
and highly recommended option is wall mounted units.

If you don’t have space on the wall to hang the unit, the 2 nd best option would be to get a
floor standing unit. These are usually installed in the lofts due to a lack of room and look
similar to radiators. These roughly cost around £2,200 including supply & fit.

The last option and the most expensive option is to get ducted air conditioning system,
where the a/c unit is hidden behind vents. Prices started from around £3,000 for this option,

however it is the most aesthetically pleasing one. It is best to get this done when going
through a full refurb of your property.

P.S. We only work with the best brands on the market (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Daikin
– Mitsubishi Electric)
You will find it cheaper to go elsewhere and install an alternative brand, however those
units tend to have a lifetime of only around 2-3 years as they’re built with the cheapest
materials, compressors and fans.

How long does it take to install air conditioning?

On average for a domestic split system air conditioning, it will take around 4-6 hours for a
single room to be completed. Our engineers will ensure the work is done efficiently and as
clean as possible, with minimal noise.

Conclusion – Is It worth getting air conditioning installed?

If you want to improve your sleep, efficiency at work and reduce the chances of any heat
related accidents, then we would highly recommend getting air conditioning installed. With
the rise of global warming, it is becoming more and more unbearable to not have a/c

If you have read until here, we want to offer you a 10% discount on all new air conditioning
installations. Call us up and let’s keep you cool this summer.
Warmest regards, Aria.

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