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This Hoshizaki FM-120KE-50 HC is a self contained flake ice maker producing up to 120 kg of high-quality flake ice per 24 hours.

Hoshizaki ice makers generate quality granular ice, such as Flake ice. The light texture of granular ice has a quick cooling effect, creating an environment of uniform temperatures, without causing unpleasant freezer burn. This is why Hoshizaki Flake ice is highly popular and considered the ideal material to prepare and layer attractive food displays. For flake ice, the extruding head is equipped with wide channels and multi-blade cutters.

All brand new Hoshizaki ice machines are supplied with 2 years parts/labour warranty. This is only valid if a filter system is installed.

All used Hoshizaki ice machines are supplied with 3 months part/labour warranty. All machines are fully serviced and go through multiple tests with our in house specialists before delivery.

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Product series FM
Model name FM-120KE
Product title Flaker, Self Contained
Brand Hoshizaki
Production Capacity (kg/24h) approx. (AT 10°C, WT 10°C) 120
Storage bin capacity (kg) approx. 50
Dimensions W x D x H (mm), legs excluded 940 x 600 x 800
Ice type Flake
Refrigerant R134a
Cooling System Air Cooled
Product configuration Self Contained

Hoshizaki for quality

Hoshizaki has built a global reputation for unfailing reliability and quality, which is why customers worldwide depend on Hoshizaki ice machines year after year.

Offering an outstanding level of performance, and with a great deal of focus on the environment, this leading brand of dispensers, cubers, flakers and nugget, crescent edge and special ice makers has been designed with hygiene and ice quality as a priority.

Every model in the Hoshizaki ice machine range produces exceptionally hard, crystal-clear ice that’s free from impurities and melts very slowly. Equipped with natural refrigerants and a closed cell ice making system with automatic rinse and flush cycle, the machine fully drains, rinses and then refills with fresh water for every batch of new ice. This means that your patrons get to enjoy the very best quality ice in their drinks, for the most memorable experience.

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New and Used Hoshizaki Ice Machines

Apart from outstanding quality, there is one key reason why here at Barnet Climate Control, we only supply and install models from the Hoshizaki ice machine range, and that is reliability.

As experienced commercial refrigeration specialists, we have learnt a thing or two about ice machines over the years. We know for example that some brands are prone to regular breakdowns, and that few deliver reasonable value for money.
We are so confident in the quality of this brand that we guarantee all our installations for parts and labour, including Hoshizaki used ice machines which are fully tested, serviced and supplied with a three month guarantee.

So, if you are in the market for a new or used ice machine, we strongly recommend choosing a Hoshizaki. And with professional installation and maintenance from the expert team here at Barnet Climate Control, you’ll get to enjoy even more peace of mind.

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