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Air conditioning installation, repair and maintenance for luxury residences and commercial properties in London’s Knightsbridge.

Barnet Climate Control has for many years been trusted as a dependable, independent specialist in the installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning that Knightsbridge home and business owners turn to when only the highest levels of service will do.

Over the moon with the service provided,the customer service and adivce was some of the best iv experienced,super quick communication and even helped over face time with any questions I needed when I was installing my ice machine.

Bayley William

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    How air conditioning works

    Air conditioning works by circulating refrigerant through coils. The evaporator coil absorbs heat indoors, while the condenser coil releases it outdoors via compression and expansion, creating cooler air indoors.

    Indoor Unit

    These units are positioned at an elevated level, ensuring an even distribution of air throughout the room. They operate quietly, ensuring that your sleep or enjoyment of your favorite Netflix show remains undisturbed.

    Outdoor Unit

    These units extract heat from the indoor space and expel it outdoors. The outdoor component can be mounted on an external wall, placed on a roof or balcony, or situated on the ground within your property, such as in a garden.

    Home Air Conditioning

    Every year our summers seem to be getting warmer, with more instances of unbearable heatwaves affecting our quality of life at home. If you have decided that enough is enough and you’re not prepared to suffer another scorching summer without air conditioning, Battersea serving Barnet Climate Control is ready to help.

    From flats and Edwardian and Victorian terraces to luxury homes, we have the experience and expertise to design the perfect air conditioning system to suit your specific property, and budget. With specialist experience in air conditioning installation in Battersea, we understand the importance of devising solutions to ensure a/c systems are well-suited to the surrounding conservation areas, and the typically tranquil, leafy environments of the location.

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    Commercial Air Conditioning

    Trusted by numerous leading hospitality and retail brands as their retained commercial air conditioning specialist, Barnet Climate Control is a family-run team with a highly regarded commitment to the utmost in service quality and client care.

    From installation and repair to air conditioning maintenance, Battersea commercial property owners can rely on our experienced, qualified experts for tailor-made solutions. If you are looking to ensure a pleasant and healthy environment for staff and visitors alike, talk to Barnet Climate Control.

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    Why Choose Us?

    10 year warranty

    All of our installations will come with 10 years parts/labour warranty with a maintenance agreement.

    Easy to work with

    We take the work seriously, but not ourselves. Our engineers will make you feel comfortable and treat you with the upmost respect.

    Fixed prices

    Once you get a quote from us, it’s fixed. No additional charges and no hidden fees, honesty from the start to the end.

    REFCOM Certified

    We only hire the most experienced and trained REFCOM engineers, who ensure the job is done to the best standard & as clean as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Air conditioning provides an array of benefits to the typical types of commercial and residential properties that are found across Knightsbridge. These include:

    Better indoor air quality – the filtration system built into air conditioning removes pollutants from the air, which can significantly improve its quality. This is especially important for those who suffer from allergies or respiratory illnesses.

    Improved comfort – reduced humidity and better regulated temperature all contribute towards a more comfortable living and working environment.

    Property protection – furnishings, appliances, valuables and collectibles can all suffer damage from excessive humidity. Air conditioning helps to regulate humidity, which can in turn help to protect your property.

    Property value – properties with air conditioning installed are said to have a higher value and better saleability than those without, particularly in luxury locations like Knightsbridge.

    Reduced noise pollution – by keeping windows closed, air conditioning can help reduce local noise pollution, as well as providing a quieter indoor living environment.

    We recommend that for domestic air conditioning, Knightsbridge homeowners arrange a service once yearly. For commercial installations, especially those in use every day, we always say up this to 3-4 times per year.

    Regular servicing is beneficial as it can boost the reliability of the equipment and prevent unexpected downtime, improve its efficiency and reduce running costs, ensure optimum indoor air quality, and help limit the need for emergency repairs, which can be costly.

    Air conditioning is generally very reasonable in price to run. It’s important to note, however, that costs can vary considerably from one system to another. A range of factors will influence operating costs, from how long the equipment is left running, to the heating and cooling loads.

    For those with concerns about the energy efficiency and running costs of their air conditioning, Knightsbridge clients are welcome to consult our helpful experts who will be happy to provide specific guidance on their chosen system.

    Commercial air conditioning equipment tends to be larger and more powerful and complex than that used in domestic installations.

    This is because commercial spaces are generally bigger, as well as being susceptible to temperature fluctuations due to frequently opening doors. This leads to the cooling process consuming a lot more energy.

    Commercial air conditioning systems also require larger drainage systems due to the fact they output a greater volume of moisture. They’ll also need servicing on a more regular basis.

    Whether there’s a requirement for commercial or domestic air conditioning, Knightsbridge home and business owners can be reassured that Barnet Climate Control has the qualifications, expertise and experience to recommend the most suitable system for your needs and budget.

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    Shayan Norizadeh

    Installed MHI 10kw unit for my living room, Aria came back with a competitive quote, the company was very professional & responsive. Installation was a …

    Bupesh Bhudia

    Very efficient company and was happy with the service . I had various qoutes for replacing my two air conditioning units and they were the most competi…

    Roy Sennett

    Over the moon with the service provided,the customer service and adivce was some of the best iv experienced,super quick communication and even helped o…

    Bayley William

    Great work from the guys who installed 3 units in our flat. Accurate, diligent, on time, easy to communicate with and all at a very competitive price! H…

    Dmitry Zamoryakhin

    Installed MHI 10kw unit for my living room, Aria came back with a competitive quote, the company was very professional and responsive. Installation was …

    Bupesh Bhudia

    Excellent service & a competitive quote! They came & installed the AC unit very efficiently. Lovely staff who were very helpful & cleaned up as they wor…

    Vikki Bullon

    Amazing company to deal with! 100% recommended, Aria is very professional, quick to reply and accomodating. Good prices too!

    Kamil Noszczak

    Excellent company to deal with, great communication and good quality work. They had my multi split unit all connected and tested in a few hours.

    Tom Kenny

    The team at Barnett Refrigeration was great at working with us to install a new AC in our flat. They are responsive and ensure that the work they do is …

    Julia C.

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