Loft Air Conditioning Installations

Lofts are a unique architectural element in many London homes – often serving as a creative space, a cozy retreat, or even an extra bedroom. However, due to their position at the top of the house and distinctive structure, lofts can pose specific challenges in temperature regulation.

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Barnet Climate Control specialises in loft air conditioning installations, ensuring these unique spaces are comfortable and livable all year round.

Our skilled technicians are well-versed in addressing the specific climate control needs of loft spaces. Whether it’s a modern conversion or a classic attic space, we provide air conditioning solutions that blend efficiency with the unique character of your loft.

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Why Invest in Loft Air Conditioning?

Lofts tend to experience more extreme temperature variations compared to other rooms. Depending on the location and insulation of your loft, it can become too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. If you plan to use your loft as a living space, investing in proper air conditioning is important to maintain a comfortable and livable environment.

Our state-of-the-art air conditioning units regulate temperature and control humidity levels, creating a comfortable environment while protecting any sensitive materials or furnishings in your loft. Moreover, the systems we install are designed for energy efficiency and quiet operation, enhancing the overall usability of your loft space.

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Choosing the Right Air Conditioning System for Your Loft

We offer various air conditioning systems to cater to the unique aspects of loft spaces:

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

If you want air conditioning to reach every nook and cranny of your home, a ducted system is the ideal choice. The ducts are installed discreetly in your ceiling, delivering cool air evenly throughout your loft, ensuring a consistent temperature in every room.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioning

Wall mounted units offer a cost-effective and convenient solution for loft spaces. These compact systems are ideal for smaller areas, such as bedrooms or home offices. They require minimal installation and can easily be controlled with a remote. They also have a sleek and modern design, adding to the overall aesthetic of your loft.

Low Wall Air Conditioning

While not always the first choice for loft spaces, low wall air conditioning units can be a great option for certain layouts. As their name suggests, these units are installed at a lower height on the wall, making them less obtrusive and perfect for rooms with limited ceiling space. They also come with advanced features such as timer settings and energy-saving modes.


Why Trust Barnet Climate Control for Your Loft Air Conditioning?

Your home needs more than just a one-and-done installation when it comes to air conditioning for your loft. With Barnet Climate Control, we offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your system is running efficiently and effectively. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best solution for your space and provide top-notch customer service every step of the way. Fully trained and insured, we take pride in offering reliable and affordable solutions for all your loft air conditioning needs. Don’t settle for a subpar system or service – choose Barnet Climate Control for quality you can trust.


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Client Experiences

Learn how our clients have transformed their loft spaces with our tailored air conditioning installations.

Very efficient company and was happy with the service . I had various qoutes for replacing my two air conditioning units and they were the most competitive and did a great job.

Roy Sennett

Amazing company to deal with! 100% recommended, Aria is very professional, quick to reply and accomodating. Good prices too!

Kamil Noszczak

Excellent company to deal with, great communication and good quality work. They had my multi split unit all connected and tested in a few hours.

Tom Kenny

Had a few AC’s installed. Top quality company, the quality of the service and the professionalism was top tier, especially with the prices which were the best that I found. Thank you Aria and Barnet Climate Control. Highly Recommend.

Shayan Norizadeh

The team at Barnett Refrigeration was great at working with us to install a new AC in our flat. They are responsive and ensure that the work they do is how they would want it done in their home – definitely went the extra mile to make it perfect!

Julia C.

Installed MHI 10kw unit for my living room, Aria came back with a competitive quote, the company was very professional & responsive. Installation was a breeze and the team did a great clean job. I can highly recommend this firm for AC installs.

Bupesh Bhudia

Installed MHI 10kw unit for my living room, Aria came back with a competitive quote, the company was very professional and responsive. Installation was a breeze and Mo and the team did a great clean job. I can highly recommend this firm for AC installs.

Bupesh Bhudia

Excellent service & a competitive quote! They came & installed the AC unit very efficiently. Lovely staff who were very helpful & cleaned up as they worked. Highly recommend them!

Vikki Bullon

Over the moon with the service provided,the customer service and adivce was some of the best iv experienced,super quick communication and even helped over face time with any questions I needed when I was installing my ice machine.

Bayley William

Great work from the guys who installed 3 units in our flat. Accurate, diligent, on time, easy to communicate with and all at a very competitive price! Highly recommended

Dmitry Zamoryakhin

Frequently Asked Questions

Air conditioning your loft can provide numerous benefits such as improved comfort, better air quality, and increased energy efficiency. It can also prevent damage to stored items from extreme temperatures and humidity.

The length of installation depends on the type of system being installed and the size of your space. Our experienced team works efficiently to minimise disruption to your daily routine.

An air conditioning system is designed to supply cooled or heated air to a room or building. The system is fitted with filters which help remove particulates such as dust, pollen and pet hair from the air, and the cooling process also helps to dehumidify it, reducing the chances of damp and mould growth.
Air conditioning is known to give indoor air quality a boost, providing a more comfortable, healthy environment in which to live or work.
Finally, air conditioning can boost property value, and make a property more saleable.

Yes, we offer regular maintenance services to ensure your system continues to run smoothly and efficiently. This includes cleaning filters, checking for any potential issues, and making necessary repairs.

Yes, we understand the importance of energy efficiency in both cost savings and environmental impact. That’s why our systems are designed with advanced technology to minimise energy consumption while still providing optimal cooling performance.

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