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A restful night’s sleep in a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment is about more than just luxury – it’s proven to help keep you healthy and improve your overall well-being. That’s why at Barnet Climate Control, we offer top-of-the-line bedroom air conditioning installations to ensure you have the perfect temperature for a good night’s rest.


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Our team of highly trained technicians has years of experience installing bedroom air conditioning units in homes across the area. We understand that each home is unique and will work with you to find the best solution for your specific needs. Whether you have a small master bedroom or a large guest room, we have options that will fit seamlessly into your space and provide efficient cooling all year round.

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Why Install Air Conditioning in Your Bedroom?

We’ve all been there – you wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, tossing and turning as your bedroom becomes unbearably hot. Or maybe you struggle to fall asleep because it’s too stuffy and humid. Whatever the case, not having proper temperature control in your bedroom can greatly impact your sleep quality and overall comfort.


Installing an air conditioning unit in your bedroom ensures that the temperature is always just right for a good night’s rest. You can set it to cool down before bedtime or even leave it on throughout the night for uninterrupted comfort. Plus, with technological advancements, modern air conditioning units are designed to be quiet and energy-efficient, making them perfect for use in bedrooms.

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Choosing The Right Air Conditioner For Your Bedroom

Which option is right for your home? At Barnet Air Conditioning, we offer a variety of air conditioning systems that are perfect for bedrooms. Our team of experts can help you determine the best unit based on your specific needs and budget.

Wall Mounted Air Conditioners for Bedrooms

When you need to cool down a smaller space, such as a bedroom, wall mounted air conditioners are an excellent choice. These units are compact and can easily be installed on the wall, providing efficient cooling without taking up valuable floor space. They also come with adjustable settings, so you can easily control the temperature in your bedroom – so you never have to worry about it being too hot or too cold.


Low Wall Air Conditioners for Bedrooms

For bedrooms with lower ceilings, low wall air conditioners are the perfect solution. These units are installed closer to the ground and provide efficient cooling without obstructing your view or taking up too much space. They also come with features such as a sleep mode, which helps to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the night for better sleep quality.

Ducted Air Conditioning Systems for Bedrooms

For larger bedrooms or multiple rooms that need to be cooled at once, ducted air conditioning systems are the way to go. These systems consist of a central unit that is connected to a network of ducts throughout your home. While more expensive to install, they offer customisable temperature control for each room and are discreetly hidden within walls or ceilings.


Why Choose Barnet Climate Control For Bedroom Air Conditioning Installations?

At Barnet, we are more than just installers – we are a team of experts dedicated to finding the best cooling solution for your specific needs. Our technicians are trained and certified in installing all types of air conditioning systems, including split and ducted units. We also offer ongoing maintenance services to ensure your system continues to run efficiently – no matter what London’s weather throws your way!

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Customer Testimonials

Read how our bedroom air conditioning installations have transformed the sleep and comfort of our clients.

Installed MHI 10kw unit for my living room, Aria came back with a competitive quote, the company was very professional and responsive. Installation was a breeze and Mo and the team did a great clean job. I can highly recommend this firm for AC installs.

Bupesh Bhudia

Had a few AC’s installed. Top quality company, the quality of the service and the professionalism was top tier, especially with the prices which were the best that I found. Thank you Aria and Barnet Climate Control. Highly Recommend.

Shayan Norizadeh

The team at Barnett Refrigeration was great at working with us to install a new AC in our flat. They are responsive and ensure that the work they do is how they would want it done in their home – definitely went the extra mile to make it perfect!

Julia C.

Over the moon with the service provided,the customer service and adivce was some of the best iv experienced,super quick communication and even helped over face time with any questions I needed when I was installing my ice machine.

Bayley William

Excellent company to deal with, great communication and good quality work. They had my multi split unit all connected and tested in a few hours.

Tom Kenny

Installed MHI 10kw unit for my living room, Aria came back with a competitive quote, the company was very professional & responsive. Installation was a breeze and the team did a great clean job. I can highly recommend this firm for AC installs.

Bupesh Bhudia

Great work from the guys who installed 3 units in our flat. Accurate, diligent, on time, easy to communicate with and all at a very competitive price! Highly recommended

Dmitry Zamoryakhin

Amazing company to deal with! 100% recommended, Aria is very professional, quick to reply and accomodating. Good prices too!

Kamil Noszczak

Excellent service & a competitive quote! They came & installed the AC unit very efficiently. Lovely staff who were very helpful & cleaned up as they worked. Highly recommend them!

Vikki Bullon

Very efficient company and was happy with the service . I had various qoutes for replacing my two air conditioning units and they were the most competitive and did a great job.

Roy Sennett

Frequently Asked Questions

A controlled bedroom environment significantly enhances sleep quality. Not only does a comfortable temperature promote better sleep, but it can also reduce the risk of health issues such as dehydration and heat-related illnesses.

We install both mounted and ducted air conditioning systems. Mounted units are perfect for smaller rooms and provide targeted cooling, while ducted systems control the whole house’s temperature.

Absolutely! We highly recommend scheduling annual maintenance for your air conditioning system to ensure it continues to run efficiently and avoid any potential breakdowns. Our team can work with you to create a custom maintenance plan that fits your specific needs.

The duration of an installation varies depending on the type of unit and the complexity of the project. Generally, a mounted air conditioning installation takes 1-2 days, while a ducted system may take 3-4 days. Our team will provide you with an estimated timeline before beginning any work.

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